I'm Georgia Caitlin, the artist behind HAVENcreativegc.
I was born in Townsville, QLD and am currently based in Hervey Bay QLD, AU; although I will be moving to the Southern outskirts of Brisbane in August of 2024!
 I am 23 years old, and I specialise in Photography, Graphic Design, Illustration & Digital Art, 3D Modelling, Web Design & Animation.

For my Photography, I use my beloved Sony a7c (Mirrorless), and do all of my editing through Adobe Lightroom!
I tend to gravitate towards Portraiture, Fauna, and Flora/Landscape Photography - anything that I think looks pretty or would be a cute memory to capture, really!
For my Art, my preferred mediums range broadly. For my Digital Art, I primarily work through Procreate on my iPad Air, although these skills stem from my earlier days, where I worked with more traditional mediums such as Charcoal, Ballpoint Pen, Graphite, Whiteout Pens, and Watercolour Paints! I know Whiteout Pens may sound strange, but I hated using white gel pens or pencils for highlights, I could never get it right!
Before purchasing my iPad, I created Digital Art via a program called Krita on my PC,  alongside my trusty Wacom Tablet.

I studied for my Bachelor of Digital Media through CQUniversity, from 2019 to 2023 (Peak pandemic era).
My minors include Animation and Interactive Media: however it is also worth mentioning that studied two of the four Graphic Design Minor units as electives, these being Print Design and Photo Media. 
My Animation Minor includes Motion Graphics & Visual Effects, 3D Computer Graphics, and 3D Character Design & Development. 
My Interactive Media Minor includes Game Design & Development, Web Design & Development (JavaScript, PHP, Python and HTML) and Mobile Application Design & Development.
My degree allowed me to gain experience in many applications, including Adobe AE, Adobe Ps, Adobe Ai, Adobe Id, Adobe Xd, Adobe Lr, Adobe Pr, Autodesk Maya & WordPress - just to name a few. :)

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